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Linked Senior uses simple and scalable technology to help you deliver on your promise of meaningful, person-centered care. Our affordable platform empowers your staff to engage all of your residents in an efficient and individualized way. Linked Senior enhances all aspects of resident engagement including back office and administrative tasks that provide total front and backend support to your resident engagement team. Our product digitizes all the tedious, paper-based methods used by wellness staff including programming and activities planning.

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#ActivitiesStrong Resident Engagement Index Score (REIS) - The goal of the #ActivitiesStrong Initiative is to acknowledge, educate and empower activity and life enrichment professionals in senior living. To advance the field, this REIS tool helps the industry measure and manage its resident engagement strategies. It is meant to be used as a self-inventory to assess and set goals to improve the experience residents want and deserve. It is rooted in research, professional knowledge and unique data gathered through Linked Senior surveys in 2019 and 2020. Each data point is informed by an average of 800 responses. It is our goal to improve this tool and we welcome any questions or feedback. Thank you for the work you do, stay #ActivitiesStrong and remember, Old People Are Cool!

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