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Imagine turning every unwitnessed fall in your community into an opportunity to prevent future falls and improve the overall safety and care for your residents. SafelyYou, the first-ever fall prevention program paid for by a liability insurance carrier, utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to empower care staff to implement fall prevention. Specifically designed for residents in memory care who often can’t tell us what happened, SafelyYou’s AI-enabled cameras detect falls with unprecedented accuracy (1 false alarm per year!) and record video only when a fall is detected. Subsequent fall video review lets you provide better support for unwitnessed falls through robust ER decision-making and root-cause analysis tools. Did you know that likely 1 in 3 of the events you’re calling a fall today and reporting are actually residents intentionally self-lowering? Imagine getting that time back, keeping those residents out of the ER instead of risking COVID exposure, and finding better ways to support all of your residents to continue living independently. Visit www.safely-you.com to learn more.

Using AI to Detect and Prevent Falls with SafelyYou

How Do Videos Help You Care for Residents?

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