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Dining Chairs:   Designed to Enhance Patient Centered Care

And Reduce Operational Costs

            “How does a caregiver move a seated person up to the table...with ease and without risk of personal injury?   

Comfor Tek manufactures dining chairs (specifically for LTC Communities) which eliminates the need for care staff to push/pull/shove/twist when assisting a seated person move up-to/away-from the table!  Dining chairs are designed to swivel…turn…roll...and lock for safety.  

As a result:

  • Residents are more compliant with caregiver directives
  • Staff experience reduced workplace injuries
  • Dining chairs last 5-10 years longer.
  • Floors do not wear out….last longer, 
  • Occupancy increases as families see the care provided at mealtimes  

 Comfor Tek…a better way….by design!

Chair Caddie #4 by ComforTek

Butterfly Tables

T2 Series by ComforTek - 5 Chairs, 1 Look

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