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For over 25 years, WhisperGLIDE’s portfolio of swings and gliders have brought tremendous joy and happiness to all participants. The shared activity helps facilitate both verbal and nonverbal communication between the elder and their family members, subsequently reducing loneliness and boredom. In addition, the gliding movement provides emotional therapy, thus diminishing anxiety and agitation, while at the same time promotes physical movement. 

The commercial-grade construction and the use of the finest components enable our swings to be maintenance-free and provide enjoyment for 20+ years. With more than 3000 swings in use throughout the US and Canada, WhisperGLIDE products have a proven record of longevity and having a positive impact on elders’ well-being.

  Please visit our website www.whisperglide.com to see how one of our products can bring joy and happiness to your community.

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